How To Build Your Twitter Empire

So you have your twitter account and have followed a few people maybe some suggestions or people you know but how do you grow your list.

Twitter can bring some serious traffic to your new store but you need to be targeting the right people the ones who will be interested in your products and will buy from you and then tell their friends who will also buy from you and so the momentum begins.

However first you need to start growing your list.


How to find grow your twitter followers.

So we know just following anyone and waiting for them to follow you back is not a tactic to use, instead you need to follow people who will be interested in you, your brand and your products.

Finding people to follow

So we need to know who are following influential people or business in your area.

To do this we can you a service called tweepi –

Sign up for a free account at:


tweepi – The way it works is that you put in the name of someone influential in your niche/business area and see who are following them.

If you follow someone the law of reciprocation means that chances are they will follow you back or at least check you out, like what they see and hopefully follow you back.

Now who you follow is up to you, only you know the influencers in your market, maybe its a competitor a brand or just a key influential person as long as they are in the same line of business as you then their followers will be interested in you.

I would still start small, following 30K people will not only take forever but could get you suspended as being a bit spammy.  Look for small groups first and then build this up.


When to tweet and how often

Don’t be afraid to tweet 5 times or more a day don’t forget most people are only on twitter for about 15 mins so the chances are you will miss most people and certainly they are not going complain if you are tweeting often.

Also send your tweets out more than once especially if they are evergreen (meaning it is timeless and would still be relevant in say 6 months)

There are lots of different tools to help but I like social oomph

Sign up for a free account:


socialoomphsocial oomph – the way social oomph works is by automating your tweets and I am not talking about scheduling the time they are sent out I am talking about loading your tweets into the platform and letting it send them out through the day and then send the same tweet out in a few days time.

Don’t be afraid to send the same tweet out many times because believe me no-one will see them more than once, the biggest mistake businesses make is writing a good tweet and only sending it out once, how can you possibly be showing that to all your followers, trust me you are losing out on a lot of traffic if you don’t send a tweet out more than once.


Automate your tweeting especially if you write evergreen content sends out recurring tweets and send out tweets at least 3 times a day.

Build your list by following people who follow your competitors or influencers in your market.

Use these 2 tactics to start with and watch your twitter account grow and traffic come to your website.

Until next time, to your success.

Rob Boyle