Why Email Lists Are The Secret Ingredient

Why is building an email lists so important and how can they help grow my business?

One of the very first things you should do when you have launched your eCommerce business is to start collecting email addresses and start growing your email database.

Why? Well there are several benefits:

  1. When someone visits your website and doesn’t make a purchase you want to make sure you haven’t lost them forever and by taking their email you can keep in touch.
  2. It has been proven in many studies that people who do not know your brand might take several visits even as many as 7 before they have the confidence and brand trust to make a purchase, by having their email you can keep them informed and start building trust.
  3. It is really important not to rely on one source of traffic especially the search engines like Google, as companies who have only relied on Google traffic have found after an update their website falling down the ranking and potentially losing the visitors and ruining their business.
  4. Having your email list means you have your own community that you have worked hard to build and no-one can take this away from you.
  5. Great way to keep people informed of new products you are launching.
  6. Help increase your sales in quiet times with promotions and discounts.
  7. Keep on peoples minds because if you don’t email them with the next best offer or new product you can rest assured your competition will and will happily take that sale from you.
  8. Once you grow your list you can target emails to segments of your list with promotions that are relevant to them, so people that only buy from the sales might not want to be bothered for the rest of the year and only at sale times.
Start Today

So there are 8 good reasons to start building your email list, start straight away start today choose your email provider, get the email subscribe form on your website build your list and you will find you build a loyal customer base who will shop with you and as your list grows so will your business.

You might find your eCommerce store has a built in email collection form or recommend a provider that fits well with your store and integrates well. Whoever you choose isn’t important just get going and today.

I will talk later in a future post about what to say and how to send compelling emails that will really drive traffic to your website and sales.